Keys Edit




Akurra ancient key

Small Key

Ancient keys can be found all around the world, but where did they come from? Who made them? These keys are good for one use only.
Akurra stone big key
Stone Big Key These keys would seem to be forged by the gods themselves, and have unlimited uses for accessing special areas. The Big Stone Key opens Big Stone Locks.
Akurra big key ancient
Ancient Big Key Opens Big Ancient Locks.


Stars Edit

Akurra star piece

Fragments of the sky that fell to earth. Collect enough of them, and you can use them to remove the larger fragments that have also fallen to earth blocking your path.

Gems Edit

Gems are fragments of power lost by the gods. Great rewards await the hero that returns them to their owners. The main gem types are:

Image Name Description
Akurra topaz
Topaz The essence of earth. These gems are first encountered on the Stone Island.
Akurra diamond
Diamond The essence of wind.
Akurra sapphire
Sapphire The essence of water.
Akurra ruby
Ruby The essence of fire.
Akurra obsidian
Obsidian A mysterious gem.

Puzzle PiecesEdit

Akurra bronze puzzle piece

These pieces can be inserted into a puzzle block, unlocking it and allowing you to move it.

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