Saving the Game Edit

The game is saved automatically when you enter a new room!

Controls Edit

The controls for Akurra are simple:

  • Keyboard
    • Movement: WASD, or Arrow Keys.
    • Undo: Space or Gamepad L-Bumper.
    • Reset room: R.
    • Pause: Esc.
    • Menu confirm: Enter or Space.
  • Gamepad
    • Movement: Joystick or D-Pad.
    • Undo: L-Bumper.
    • Reset room: R-Bumper.
    • Pause: Start.
    • Menu confirm: Start.

Undo and Reset Edit

Undo Edit

Undo allows you to undo your last board changing move. You can undo dying, and accidentally leaving the room to go back to your last board position.

Moves that can be undone:

  • Pushing or activating something.
  • Dying.
  • Walking off of a covered pit, causing it to break.
  • Jumping from a cliff.
  • Entering a portal.
  • Leaving a room, but not changing anything in the new room.

Reset Edit

Reset resets all the objects in the room and you restart from where you entered. Useful for if you have made a mistake that can not be fixed with Undo.

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